Perth 2012: The 21st Century Approach to Mental Health

Speaker Biography

Ken Wyatt

Ken Wyatt MP

Ken Wyatt MP is the eldest child of Don and Mona Wyatt who raised ten children who have succeeded in their chosen paths. Ken grew up in Corrigin before moving to Perth to study and work.

Ken started out as a primary school teacher before moving into leadership roles in education, such as the District Director for the Swan Education District. Ken has also held important positions in health. Ken’s career has allowed him to stay in contact with our community at many levels. Ken’s experiences have shown him the importance that education plays in our community and the need for a health system which has enough doctors, nurses and beds.

Ken has a history of fighting for important programmes in education and health. Ken was part of the team that secured $6.7m for Western Australia out of $13m available from the Federal Government for ongoing Aboriginal education funding. Ken was also on a Council of Australian Governments (COAG) sub-committee which fought and received a record $1.5b from the Federal Government for indigenous health.

Since his election to the seat of Hasluck, Ken has worked tirelessly to advocate for his electorate at a local, state and federal level and has been vocal in raising the wants and needs of his constituents in Parliament.